About Us

photo041BLT Today started as a small group of community members who wanted to to add something meaningful to their community. We wanted to help our community flourish and bring the communities of Beechville, Lakeside and Timberlea together.

With the help of so many leading community members we were able to create an amazing Canada Day event in 2015 in just under a month. That is no easy feat. This would prove to be the kickoff event put together by the BLT Canada Day Committee. We would later call ourselves BLT Today with the goal of bringing the community together today for a better tomorrow.

Today our committee consists of 6 dedicated volunteers who put in countless hours to keep our community involved and informed.

We are invested in this community and love every minute of it.

Board of Directors


Lyndsay Hart

John Bignell
Vice Chair

Cathy McCulloch

Ben Hovinga
Communications Director

Renee Archibald
Volunteer Director

Linda Moxsom-Skinner
Past Co-Chair