FEED NOVA SCOTIA gets a boat load of food

Today, the communities of Beechville, Lakeside, and Timberlea donated a boat load of food to FEED NOVA SCOTIA during the “Fill the Canoe” event at D & Jo’s Country Market.

BLT Today organized the food drive at the local country market in Timberlea in conjunction with the country market’s 9th anniversary. D & Jo’s Country Market hosted a free BBQ to celebrate the occasion and gave the one day event a great turnout of local residents.

Later in the day a young boy, Jack Bailey, used all of his hard earned savings, from collecting bottles along the road, to purchase $100 worth of food to put into the canoe.  He was very proud and calculated how many items he could buy with his money if he bought the critical items.

Sheila Foley and Julie Cunningham dropped off a trunk full of food to “sink” the boat late in the day.

Owner of D & Jo’s Country Market, Joanne Ewasiuk, said, “We are incredibly happy to be able to make donating groceries easier! In the upcoming months, we’ll be adding a permanent Feed NS drop off box on our deck.”

In total 266 kgs of food was collected and $58.45 was raised from the event.